PROJECT EDQUITY is a collective of leaders and experts in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that organizations transform and stakeholders benefit when there is a sincere commitment to enhancing interpersonal relationships, embracing diversity and difference, fostering inclusion, cultivating community, and strengthening communication.

Core Principles

  • Equity is making available and accessible the tools and resources each individual needs to thrive, supporting fairness and justice through ethical practices and policies, and committing to do whatever it takes to ensure impartial outcomes.
  • Respect is a verb. We speak with, show, expect, and otherwise demonstrate respect out of our understanding of our common humanity.
  • Transparency is the courage to be honest. Critically and respectfully so. With ourselves. With others. For the benefit of us all.
  • Innovation is having the audacity to think critically, reflectively, and outside-the-box and having the leadership skills to meet these thoughts with strategic, conscientious, and sustained action.
  • When we focus on working within and expanding our spheres of influence, we have the incredible power to create change. Our focus on changing both the things within our control, and the things we can no longer tolerate, make us incredible agents of Transformation.

Our Approach

Our approach to supporting organizations and individuals in developing cultural competence and embracing diversity and inclusion, in thought and practice, is founded on the principles of Equity, Respect, Transparency, Innovation, and Transformation. Through these principles we strive to bring people from all backgrounds together to engage in critical, and sometimes uncomfortable, conversations that promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for one another.

PROJECT EDQUITY utilizes a unique, individualized, and comprehensive consultee-centered approach to organizational consultation. Our philosophy for training, mentoring, and coaching is grounded in a research-practitioner model, utilizing reputable research, best practices, and stakeholder’s experiences to inform and carry forward our work with clients.

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